#Digiwrimo — ummmm….sorry, my brain doesn’t work that fast

I signed up for #digiwrimo with the idea in mind that it might help me develop some of the materials for the memoir I’ve been working on for decades. The launch party was 10/31 and I just learned today (11/3) that I was supposed to do some writing/media creation immediately after, as in: seconds, and then minutes.

Ummmm…I was sick that day (gastrointestinal bug) and I’ve been recovering from it. So, seeing that I am already several days behind, I think I am going to dump the project and just tag along to see what other people do.

This is an age of instant communications, and apparently it requires brains that function with lightning speed, and the owners of those brains never get sick nor need to rest.

I’ve been writing my book for nearly 40 years. It took that long to figure the story out, since I had puzzles about my life to work out and the puzzles weren’t solved until last year, after my mother died, at age 94. If I had started writing this in the age of social media I would have shared the insights of a 24-year-old, and while I was very smart back then, and an excellent writer (as I can see from reading original work I wrote back than, much of which will appear in the final version), I had no idea what the trajectory of my life would be nor of the insights I would have about the subject matter of which I wrote back then.

My work is not suited for #digiwrimo, or anything else that requires a brain that never flags. No wonder we have a world of literature dominated by the insights of 20 somethings. Wisdom requires the seasoning of years, and brains as old as mine just don’t fit into the world of communications written in nanoseconds.

I guess I am just an old dinosaur!

Well, perhaps, a WISE old dinosaur!

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