It’s always a good idea to plan your writing project and schedule editing services well in advance of any deadline. My first client and I were able to work together quickly enough to get her dissertation to her committee a few weeks after we started — but that was only because I was just getting started and I had the “dawn to dusk” time to work with her. But that was an unusual case. I rapidly piled up new clients and projects and had to put several on the back burner because I was flooded with work.

I will be using the comments section on this page to post news about where I am in terms of work load and if/when I’ll be able to work in new clients. Schedules change, of course, because people’s lives change. So be sure to check back, or sign up to be notified of new comments.

I have several projects in the planning stage for summer 2014, but I can still take on two-three more clients. 

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