Services and Pricing

Estimates: All estimates are free of charge. The estimate involves a simple assessment of a sample of writing submitted for the amount of work that will be required to prepare the document to meet scholarly expectations in the quality of thought and writing as well as manuscript preparation.

Initial consultation fee: $50-$300. This applies to all submissions. You will receive a detailed analysis of the content of your manuscript (price depends on length), assessing its viability for whatever purpose you have (dissertation, journal article, book proposal, etc.). The amount of the fee will depend on the length of the work submitted and the amount of work required to give you a complete assessment. Most assessments will be in the $100 to $150 range. Your estimate will include a specification of this fee for your project.

Formatting: $1 per page will be charged to create a file that conforms to your college’s electronic formatting requirements. Additional charges apply if it is necessary to reformat your document on a second or later round of edits. To prevent accidental destruction of formatting while you are rewriting, you will be supplied with a template containing all the format and style specifications, and instructions on how to use it.

Proof reading and copy editing: Fees for this level of editing range from $3 to $7 per page* for basic proofreading (grammar, spelling, punctuation, citation conformity). This applies to the first round of edits. Second, third and subsequent rounds of edits will be charged at 50 cents to $2 per page depending on the amount of work required.

The exact price per page that you will be charged will depend on the degree of assistance you need in these matters. That will be determined by a reading of at least 20 pages of your work to assess the quality of your writing and your knowledge of the mechanics of writing. Clients who need substantial help at the sentence and paragraph level will be charged the higher rates.

Substantive editing:Fees for this level of editing range from $5 to $8 per page to for more complex editing (structure, organization, coherence, logic, voice, plus basic proofreading as specified above).

Included consultation: For projects with estimates of $500-$1,000, fees include up to 90 minutes of email/phone consultation for any needed clarifications and “pep talks” if needed. Projects with estimates over $1,000 include two hours of consultation. For projects under $500, consultations will be charged at $35/page (students) to $50/page (faculty).

Substantial consultation — working with you to help you respond to referee or dissertation committee critiques adds another layer of services. Students are charged for this consultation at $35 per hour; faculty are charged $50 per hour, with an estimate of the time required provided to you in advance. You would be guaranteed that the final cost for substantive editing would be no more than 110% of the estimate, regardless of the number of hours actually used. If I estimate badly, I absorb the difference. Consultation includes a write up of suggested strategies and telephone communications as needed for clarification.

Deposit/Calendar reservation fee: Because my calendar books up quickly each time I advertise, it is best to reserve your services well in advance of your need for them. A $75 fee is charged to reserve space in my calendar. This is a deposit and is considered partial payment of the first installment of your fees. However, it is non-refundable if you choose not to use my services later. This is to ensure that people don’t book my calendar then later back out.

Terms: For large projects (such as dissertations and books) the first third of the estimate is due prior to the start of work on your manuscript. The second third is due when the project is half-way completed. The final third is due upon completion of the project.

It is understood that many students and even junior faculty may have difficulty paying the final fees when they are due. It is possible for clients to work out a monthly payment schedule provided this is done in advance and provided that the client has established credibility and trustworthiness.

Nota Bene:

The final editing will be done electronically, but I prefer to work on paper copies for the initial editing, simply because I SEE more on paper than I do on a screen.  I prefer putting hands on paper when I do the first read. So if I agree to edit for you, I will need a paper copy snail mailed to me, along with a digital copy via email. (I’m just “old” that way!)

You will receive a contract with a specified turn-around time along with a statement of the level of editing/consultation expected and the anticipated cost, so you will know up front when to expect your edited manuscript and how much (within 10%) it will cost you. If you want the more substantive editing/consultation we will agree on specified times when we will communicate about progress.

Once we have agreed on a fee, I expect 1/3 of the estimate up front, the second third at an agreed-upon midpoint of completion, and the final third upon full completion.

Deadlines are deadlines. As long as you complete your end of the work on schedule, so will I, barring unforeseen circumstances. Should there need to be an interruption due to circumstances beyond my control, every effort will be made to give you advance notice. By the same token it is important that you also give advance notice when you run into obstacles.

You may choose to suspend or end our collaboration after the first third of the work is completed. If you decide to continue after that you will be responsible for the full amount of the initial estimate.

* A page =  double-spaced, Times Roman 12 point (or similar), with 1.5″ margins top, 1″ right and bottom, and 1.5″ margins left — or approximately 250 words. (Your exact page format in your final copy may differ depending on the requirements of the journal or graduate school.)

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