What my clients are saying about me…

From Mel Michele Lewis, my first dissertation client, with whom I continue to work as she moves up the tenure and promotion ladder:

October 30, 2014

Georgia and I have worked together for several years now. I highly recommend Matrix Editorial Services to graduate students working on their dissertations and first publications. Georgia worked closely with me within my (very) tight timeline for completion. She is available, affirming, and has helped me to hone my “voice.” Perhaps more importantly, she provided encouragement and fostered my creativity as I negotiated the emotionally taxing final sprint toward the PhD finish line, and now the path to T&P. As I work towards tenure, I have continued my relationship with Georgia. It is incredibly helpful to have such a talented editor who not only knows my work and writing style, but also knows how to best push, support, and “talk me down” when the going gets tough. In the past few years, we have worked on journal articles, book chapters, and have set my book project in motion.

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3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Mel

    Working with Georgia has been an absolute pleasure! I am currently a PhD student in need of both support and technical expertise. In Georgia I found both a editor and mentor. She not only worked with me on my manuscript, but also made helpful suggestions about the graduate school paperwork, important deadlines, and the process of completion. We have worked through several editing rounds of my dissertation in record time. Georgia is an attentive communicator full of ideas and positivity. I was able to send a polished draft to my advisor and am excited for my defense. Thanks Georgia, I am full of gratitude!

    Mel Michelle Lewis
    Department of Women’s Studies
    University of Maryland


  2. Mel

    As a follow-up to my previous post, I am pleased to report that I successfully defended my dissertation and, with Georgia’s expertise and assistance, I was able to complete my minor revisions and submit to the Graduate School in a matter of days. Georgia’s deep dedication to my project was key to my successful completion in these last stages. I was on a very tight timeline; Georgia was able to assist even in the final hours of uploading my document. She also taught me how to use the templates properly so that I could make changed as needed prior to her final review. I have now formally graduated and begun my dream job.

    Signing off with much gratitude,

    -Dr. Mel


  3. Maria

    I am a doctoral candidate and am in the final stages of my dissertation — thanks in a large part to Georgia’s expertise as an editor and writing counselor. She is an energetic cheerleader, a gentle taskmaster, and an expert at the writing process.



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